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When breast cancer strikes

One of the most life changing things that can happen to a woman of ANY age is to get breast cancer - and although it can be a fatal disease, with modern technology and medical science this disease can be managed and overcome.

breast cancer

On this page

General information on breast cancer

The early detection of any lumps in the breast - be that benign or malignant - is of prime importance and this is where our Breast Aware Test Pad™ is of the most critical importance.

With early detection the cancer can be removed or treated at an early stage and can be prevented from spreading. Should a mastectomy be necessary - where the breast is removed - plastic surgery can create a new breast or breasts, to replace what was taken away from you.

Although it is a shock to discover that you have cancer of the breast, it is NOT the end of the world. You may be in for an unpleasant time to beat this disease, but remember you CAN beat it.

Ways to beat breast cancer

When you find a lump in your breast, your first call should be to your general practitioner, who will refer you to the appropriate oncologist - and there are many oncologists that specialize in breast cancer.

You may need to have a needle biopsy done, and most probably a mammogram as well as ultra-sound investigation.

Your oncologist will have to consider a variety of things to make an accurate diagnoses. The best is to have an open and frank discussion with him/her to know exactly what to expect.

But most importantly, never forget - YOU CAN BEAT BREAST CANCER!

We have compiled a page with comprehensive information on breast cancer, and to access this page please click here.

How will I react when I find out I have breast cancer

People differ, but from personal experience the writer can say that when you are confronted by the fact that you have breast cancer a whole variety of emotions can erupt.

Some people will initially refuse to accept the result and will simply ignore it, while others will go into fits of anger, rage and frustration, and doubt their God, while others will meekly accept it and prepare for death.

The most important thing to remember at this time is that breast cancer can be beaten - and you can keep on living a full life.

At this stage we would also recommend that you join a support group to help you through all the stages of rage, despair, frustration, hate, uncertainty, helplessness and inactivity.

These support groups are vital in helping you through this time, and can not only offer moral support, but may be able to help you with practical support - such as finding a good wig maker if you have chemotherapy - which may temporarily cause you to lose your hair.

Why use our Breast Aware Test Pad™

If you are reading this page, the odds are that you are already diagnosed with breast cancer, and our Breast Aware Test Pad™ will be of no use to you, but once you have made peace with the fact that you have this disease, and know that you will overcome it, it might be a most unusual gift from you to your female friends - a Breast Aware Test Pad™ will help them find even the smallest lump - and in this way prevent them going through the same trauma as yourself.

breast cancer

To purchase the Breast Aware Test Pad™ for early detection of lumps in your breast and possible breast cancer please click here.

Our home test kits
Urine test strips - testing for:
:: Glucose
:: Ketones
:: Blood / Hemoglobin
:: Protein
:: Nitrite
:: pH
:: Urobilinogen
:: Bilirubin
:: Leucocytes
:: Specific gravity

Breast Aware (breast examination pad)

Alcohol breathalyzer (disposable)

Ovulation tests (testing fertility periods or periods when you won't conceive)
Malaria test kit - testing for:
:: Plasmodium falciparum (Pf)
:: Plasmodium vivax (Pv)
:: Plasmodium ovale (Po)
:: Plasmodium malariae (Pm)

Prostate test (PSA test)

HIV test /Aids test (testing for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies)

Drug test (5-in-1 assay) testing for:
:: Cocaine (crack and cocaine derivatives)
:: THC (marijuana, weed, grass, hashish etc)
:: Amphetamines (speed, uppers, base)
:: Opiates (morphine, opium, heroin)
:: Methamphetamines (meth, ice, e, ecstasy)


Information pages
Urine testing
:: Kidneys and their functions
:: Kidney function regulating body fluids
:: Bilirubin in urine
:: Blood in urine
:: Glucose in urine
:: Ketones in urine
:: Leukocytes in urine
:: Nitrite in urine
:: ph of urine
:: Protein in urine
:: Specific gravity of urine
:: Urobilinogen in urine
:: Parameters of urine test strips (dip sticks)

:: Drug detection periods
:: Most common drugs
:: Drug slang words
:: How do drugs work
   ::: Amphetamines - speed, uppers
   ::: Cocaine - crack, nose candy
   ::: Methamphetamine - ecstasy, e, ice
   ::: Opiates - morphine, opium, heroin
   ::: Phencyclidine hydrochloride - pcp, angel dust
   ::: THC - cannabis, marijuana

Breast cancer
:: Description and function of the breasts
:: Diseases of the breast
:: Benign breast conditions
:: Malignant breast conditions
   ::: Types of breast cancer
   ::: Symptoms of breast cancer
:: Causes of breast cancer
:: Diagnosing breast cancer
:: Treatment of breast cancer
:: Living with breast cancer

Prostate health
:: Prostatism or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
:: Prostatitis
:: Prostate Cancer
   ::: Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Cause of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
   ::: Treatment for Prostate Cancer
:: Living with Prostate Cancer
:: Depression
:: Erectile Dysfunction
:: Incontinence
:: General information on malaria
:: Types of malaria
:: People at high risk of malaria infection
:: Lifecycle of the plasmodium parasite
:: Preventing malaria
   ::: Protective clothing
   ::: Insect repellent
   ::: Bed / sleeping mosquito nets
   ::: Room management
:: Diagnosing malaria
:: Symptoms of malaria infection
:: Anti-malarial drugs
   ::: Doxycycline
   ::: Mefloquine (Larium™)
   ::: Atovaquone and proguanil combination (Malarone™)
:: Testing for malaria
   ::: Home testing
   ::: Laboratory testing
   ::: Other tests that could be done
:: Consequences and outcome of malaria infection
:: Malaria in Southern and South Africa

HIV / Aids
:: General information
:: Symptoms
:: Facts and frequently asked questions
:: Spreading the virus
   ::: Kissing
   ::: Oral Sex
   ::: Vaginal Sex
   ::: Anal Sex
   ::: Condoms
   ::: Female condoms
   ::: Drug Use
   ::: Tattoos
:: Health care workers and you
:: "Rapid" home Aids Tests
:: Approved drugs and treatments
:: Schematic drawing of life cycle

Ovulation / Fertility
:: Fertility drugs
:: Ovulation calculator (period in which you are most likely to conceive)


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